Yesterday, Unity Center for Behavioral Health opened Unit 1E with 10 new patients who require care on an inpatient basis. In keeping with Unity Center’s commitment to the safety and wellbeing of patients and staff, the hospital will build to full capacity over time as staffing levels allow.  At full capacity Unit 1E will accommodate 24 adults in both single and double occupancy rooms.

Unity Center temporarily suspended use of Unit 1E in August 2018 to dedicate the necessary staff required to implement safety improvements in our physical environment, our clinical practices and procedures. Unity Center has continued to increase staffing levels and has successfully hired several psychiatric nurses.  Unity Center has a recruitment goal of onboarding 27 new RN’s at which time the center will be operating at 100% capacity which will give the Psychiatric Emergency Service (PES) the ability to accommodate additional patients who require a shorter length of stay.

We remain fully committed to the success of Unity Center for our patients and their families, for our staff, and for our community.